Simon Whyte, ChildFund New Zealand Board Chair


I’ve been thinking about the future – ours and those we can help.

What will our communities look like in 50 years’ time?’ 'Where will our support be needed most?’

One thing I do know, is that our help will always be needed.

That is why I have decided to leave a gift in my Will to ChildFund New Zealand’s Impact Investment Fund. This fund actively seeks out projects and supports communities in need, wherever they are.

Transformational projects that are community-led and socially responsible, providing jobs and a pathway out of poverty. For children.

Sound business models that empower entire communities and provide a bright future. For good.

Hands-on management of investments, protecting and growing capital. For ever.

What will your legacy be?

After providing for your family, I ask that you leave a percentage of what is left (a residual gift) to those that need it most. Use the form below to indicate your intention and the ChildFund New Zealand team will be in touch.

I know that our bequests will be used in accordance with the values that you and I hold dear. Please, join me in leaving a gift that will keep on giving. For children. For good. For ever. 

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