We are incredibly grateful for the donations we’ve received from our amazing donors in 2017. Your support ensured we could fund some incredible projects that continue to help children and youth thrive! Take a look below at some key projects you helped us achieve last year: 

Launching in Kiribati

2017 was an exciting year for ChildFund New Zealand, with the growth of our brand new office in Kiribati and launching our Positive Places to Live programme. With your support we discovered that children under two in our project area are malnourished. Now, our volunteers visit households every day delivering vitamin and mineral powder to be mixed in with children’s food. Your donations mean that mothers such as Tiirote and her 18 month old son are benefiting greatly from these daily deliveries and we’re already seeing improved nutrition in these children.

Channelling water in Zambia

We had numerous projects running in Zambia in 2017 including our Hydro-Turbine project in Kavalamanja. As a result of your generous donations the turbine was installed to channel water to 3 hectares of land, 30 farming households as well as the local school and health centre who have connected it to electricity, making it power 6 computers, refrigerators and light bulbs. Now farmers are able to harvest crops, there’s more advanced learning opportunities for the school children and better conditions for patients at the health centre.

Supporting survivors in Papua New Guinea

One of the key achievements you helped us with in 2017 was setting up Papua New Guinea’s first national free, confidential telephone counselling service offering support to survivors of family and sexual violence. Callers are assisted by trained phone counsellors who can provide immediate crisis counselling at the time of the call, as well as information and referrals to other support services. While data is scarce, it is estimated that over two thirds of women in Papua New Guinea experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. The hotline has received over 5,000 calls in the past year and is proving to be a valuable and life-saving service.

Improving access to water in Kenya

We’re really proud of the work we’ve completed in Tutini, Kenya in 2017. The Tutini Pipeline Extension Project resulted in increased access to drinking water for 3,588 members of the Kamba community. Take a look at our infographic below to find out more about how children and families are benefitting from this project. 

Increasing income in Vietnam

Women in Tra Linh, Vietnam add to their household income, usually by working in agriculture. With your support, in 2017 our Building Resilience project flourished and 289 of these women were granted small loans and made savings through a village savings and credit structure. They used their loans to start growing different produce such as peanuts, flowers, soybeans, anise and citrus fruit to maximise their income. Overall, 27 savings and credit groups have been established in 27 villages. 100% of loans were repaid, with 98% of recipients paying on time. 

Enhancing opportunities in Timore-Leste

With your support, more young people in Timor-Leste have the opportunity of a bright and successful future. 102 have been given business start-up grants, 127 youth have received business training and 46 have received training in trades such as construction, hospitality, plumbing and mechanics. Youth who have found employment or set up businesses are earning an income to support themselves and their families and have gained more confidence, self-worth and optimism. Your generosity has also helped us to construct and repair 7 youth centres, giving the young people of Timor-Leste a safe space to train, meet and access computers and printers.

Training teachers in Sri Lanka

A few years ago, ChildFund’s Sally Angelson partnered with International Reading Association and other global professionals to design the Active Teaching and Learning Approaches in Schools (ATLAS) child-centred teaching programme. In 2017 the project we support in Sri Lanka now trains 850 teachers in 170 primary schools, reaching around 25,000 Grade 1-5 students – all thanks to you!

Students at Ayththiyamalai Government Tamil Mixed School in Batticaloa, say their learning has improved since Mrs Mahinthan participated in the training:

“It is not a boring class. We don’t just sit around all day. We are always doing activities. We interact”; and, “We discover what we are trying to learn for ourselves, which helps us remember it better.”

We are extremely thankful to everyone who donated to ChildFund New Zealand in 2017. With a new year, comes new projects and children to help thrive. Take a look at the projects you can support throughout 2018: https://www.childfund.org.nz/donate

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