Access to affordable healthcare is vital for people caring for young children, especially in households headed by single parents or families with low incomes. Even when children aren’t sick, regular checkups help keep them healthy and prevent illness from occurring in future. Parents also benefit from nutrition advice and tips on preparing family meals. 

In Emali, Kenya, mobile health clinics have given access to vital check-ups and treatment for children and families, thanks to your support. 

Access to regular, quality healthcare means that Sylvia, single mum to Benson, 11 and Teddy, 5 can ensure that her children are safe from illness.

“These outreaches have really helped us a lot,” she says. “One, they are free – we do not pay a single cent, yet they treat us and give us medicine. Two, they come all the way to attend to us near our homes so we don’t have to go long distances in search of treatment, like we normally do when we have to go to hospital.”

Thanks to supporters like you, last year 1,100 other children just like Teddy were able to access medical support through outreaches in their communities. Thank you!

Kind kiwis provide healthcare to kids in Kenya

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