"Thank you for helping me and other children improve our education" - Sara, aged 10.


In May of last year the situation for children in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka was dire. Children were desperate to learn, but without access to books, pens, desks or trained teachers, many children were facing a future trapped in poverty.

Caring Kiwis couldn't stand by when children were struggling - thank you!

Thanks to the support of generous Kiwis, 115 teachers have been given additional training through the Active Teaching and Learning Approaches in Schools (ATLAS) programme, and 23 schools have received school supplies to help students learn.

3,300 children are now directly benefitting from a better education.

Ten year old Sara is one of the children whose life has been changed thanks to Kiwi support. Previously Sara struggled in her classed but now she enjoys going to school and is excelling in her studies.

"We like the ATLAS programme. I have learnt many things because it's easier to understand. My classmates and I also do a lot of group activities. My favourite subject is maths." - Sara, aged 10.

Our Kiwi care is building a better future not just for Sara but for many generations to come. Sara now hopes to become a teacher:

"I want to be a school teacher one day because it's one of the best professions and helps children to become good citizens."

Now that Sara has access to a better quality education her dreams have a chance of coming true!

If you'd like to support a child to reach their dreams please consider sponsoring a child. Click here for information!

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