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Encouraging early-school leavers back to education in Zambia

A project is underway to encourage early-school leavers in Zambia to go back to education.

Improving education in Batticaloa

Find out how your donations are helping children in Sri Lanka get a better education

Repairing water sources in Kenya

Kiwi donations are helping to repair water boreholes in Kenya.

Food Aid For East Africa

Kiwi donations are helping to feed thousands of children in East Africa.

A chicken farm is helping Imani grow up strong

A new poultry farm means Imani is no longer hungry at school. Now she can focus on her studies.

Your chicken and egg games are a hit

Did you send a chicken and egg game to your sponsored child this year? Find out what they thought!

A sustainable future for Zambia

Renewable energy creates a sustainable future for Zambia

Is enough being done to end violence against children?

Counting Pennies: A review of Official Development Assistance to end violence against children

Zambia Drought: One Year On

Read how the generosity of Kiwis has led to the irrigation of farmland, making way for fresh new crops.